The key to the kingdom lies in our relationship to the energy that binds and intertwines all things in existence


I Have seen many miracles in my own practice as a ThetaHealer. One young man came to me with vision problems, he was paralyzed on his right side and his brain could not process information normally. 

He was not able to be diagnosed by allopathic medicine. The closest diagnosis was a form of epilepsy, but in truth they had no idea what was going on to cause his symptoms. 

When I scanned him I saw that his soul did not know how to be in his body. I simply connected to the theta brain wave and “downloaded” that his soul knew how to be in a physical body. I was fortunate to witness his brain re-wire itself and the vagus nerves activate, the fluid behind his eyes disappeared.

I got a call from his mother who set up the appointment two weeks later to tell me he had a drivers license!


This is the kind of miracle that is possible through the modality of ThetaHealing.

Suzie Heilo is a Master Instructor and Certificate of Science who has traveled the world teaching ThetaHealing. Her focus on working with the brain has contributed to her success with advanced courses like DNA 3.

Suzie has been practicing ThetaHealing since 2009. The Basic DNA course will give you all the tools you need to become your own ThetaHealer or start your own practice. If you are looking for a class, or you want to host a class in your area, I am happy to waive the class fee.

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