When you desire something your mind forms a picture of it. Then unseen forces begin to bring that picture into manifestation. Just reaching for a glass of water is the same principal. You merely have a thought that you would like to have water and your body automatically starts reaching for that glass. No thought from you to lift your arm and wrap your fingers around the glass. Immediately there are millions of cells communicating through chemical and electrical impulses to give you that glass of water. It really is magic.  Desire for anything works the same way.

Humanity, has thousands of years of recorded history and we still repeat the same mistakes over and over.  We have been programmed by so many events from our ancestors.  Programming from our childhood, from imprints in our DNA which will prevent you from manifesting what you desire.

For example. Say you want to have more financial income. You take on a second job to make that happen. Then something happens and you need to spend that money on a new roof, or car repairs. No matter what you do, it seems like you can never catch up.

You might be holding programs that money is the root of all evil from ancestral beliefs in your genetic code. Your subconscious mind will prevent the desire for more wealth from coming to you to protect you from evil, which it deems is far more important than money.  

Everything you experience is because your subconscious mind believes it to be benefiting you in some way. Find that program your subconscious thinks is of benefit and you have found the keys to the kingdom.