The most important thing we can do to remedy what ails us within us and outside of us is to remember we are all Sovereign. Simon and Suzie Heilo have devised an effective approach to guide you into a state of Sovereignty.

We chose the name “I Am Sovereign” because it was not just a title but an affirmation of the truth of ourselves.

I Am Sovereign is a journey of self-exploration and self-understanding that unites both polarities and sets you free. We offer a way to look at the crystalized identities that were created as strategies to survive the indoctrination of holographic projections from those who capitalize from your inherent ability to create through thought.   

We will guide you toward an understanding and rebirth of your true identity where anything you can imagine is possible. You will begin to see how you have been hoodwinked into believing you have no value and release the yokes of bondage that prevent you from a life that is filled with health, love and abundance.

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