“Just wanted you to know that I feel great!  Very peaceful and very clear.  I am grateful and amazed.  Also, would like to set up an appointment for next Monday or Wednesday, 3 or 4 pm your time to work through another issue if that is possible.

Again thank you so much for the amazing gift you offer us in the world.”

Blessings!Iyanla Vanzant, Author and Television Host of “Iyanla Fix My Life”

Oh, I slept like a baby, and the Hives are 95 % this morning. Deep gratitude for you being that conduit from Direct Source. I Truly feel Alive Again. Have a Magnificent Day In The Highest Of All That Is, In and Of Greatness.

Love Is All There Is, Always Has Been, Always Will Be. Thank You!!

D.Harden MO.

“I wanted to let you know that I have had several amazing health improvements since our session.  I was seeing a chiropractor for undefined neck stiffness and pain in my lower back.  Both have disappeared!  My chiropractor uses muscle testing to find weaknesses and I tested totally normal.  The neck issue had been persistent for years. I also feel a lot more vibrant and alive.  Thanks!”


“If you have any kind of pain at all book a theta healing session with Suzie Donahue. In the last 10 min of our call she worked on my low back and cleared an ancestoral obligation to hold emotions in my sacrum. And guess what? The pain is totally gone. That’s at least 2 years of pain cleared in 10 minutes!”

Z.H. Ontario


“I feel really amazing since our last session. I’m actually getting glimpses of feelings that I had so long ago that we’re really positive. I think your right, I have been in fear mode I think my whole life. I am really hopeful with theta that I can become whole and healthy, but the most important is just channeling love for myself and others. Love feels so good. I can’t believe how I forgot this feeling. I just can’t wait to clear  this negativity and darkness. So thank you so much! Was wondering when your next weekend appt would be”


“Working with you, Suzie, is absolutely target-sensitive, and instantaneously effective!  Mere words cannot convey the appreciation and profound gratitude that I hold in my Heart for you and the work that we do.  I see changes all around me in everything I do and in my interactions!  It is all quite elegant and flowing.  No major alterations.  I am and that is all, I just am.  In many ways it truly feels that the ego has a much less significant role to play and it understands that it is safe and that it is okay!!  My son invited me to brunch yesterday and to have some ‘hang time’ together and it (again) was like the previous time that he and I shared after we did that clearing of obligations.  I love, love, love the total freedom and acceptance that I feel in every pore of my being physically, mentally, spiritually, etc. “

CO, Broken Arrow, OK

“Learning Theta – and not just learning Theta but learning from you specifically has brought me to life finally. Sounds so dramatic and it is – dramatically beautiful. I know a few others who learned Theta and took several or even all the courses from other teachers without getting to where I am now, if I may speak frankly. I feel like the things I can do now, and (others you have taught) I am amazed by them, and by myself, every day. I look forward to seeing where this all goes 🙂 I appreciate your humility as a teacher and your pure intent of making us truly independent. It is so easy to get dependent on a teacher. I loved the statement you once made that you want your students to be even “better””at this than yourself :)”

MT Denmark

It’s been a very interesting few weeks since my appointment with you.  I’m not clenching my jaw anymore.  The pain in my face from that is gone.  I’m not so hyper vigilant about snakes when I go outside.  I can walk through the grass and NOT be scanning in front of me all the time.  Yea!

JG, Chicago

“I have had the opportunity to work with Suzie Donahue on a number of occasions and each time I walk away feeling lighter and more prepared for the life that is in front of me. She has the ability to gently guide me through my deepest fears and beliefs, help me to release them, and emerge on the other the side feeling free and happy.  I know I will continue to work with Suzie whenever I am feeling blocked.  I am so thankful to have found her at this time in my life.  I truly believe that I would not have been able to move forward in my new profession as quickly as I have if it were not for my sessions with Suzie. “

KG San Jose CA

“After our session I had a slight headache but continued to hydrate and set down for a while. The experience was so surreal and freeing. 
My energy is great. I feel more open and clear. Things have really been manifesting for me in such a short time. I am more aware of the small thing’s I have asked into my life that are coming to be. This is helping me to release the resistance I have towards larger thing’s.
You uncovered beliefs I never knew were inside of my sub conscious. I must say you were spot on about everything and I feel the release of them.
I am looking forward to booking another session with you regarding my next business venture.
Thank you is not enough!” M.J. Norfolk,VA

“A few months ago I contacted Suzie because despite working with several respected and experienced Theta Healers there were a few issue we had not been able to “crack”.

I have taken several personal sessions with Suzie. What is exceptional about all my sessions with Suzie is that after each session there was a noticeable difference in the areas we were working on immediately or the next day. Either the issues were gone and/ or my thoughts, feelings and actions started shifting automatically and concretely in life.

Suzie delivers results consistently. I feel so much more clear, happy, confident and centered. I feel free from so many shackles of the past

Her intuition and the information she receives from Creator  is incredibly accurate. Working with Suzie is like having your personal trainer.

I always experience her as being my complete partner. She is fast and like a dog with a bone – she doesn’t give up until we get to the true bottom of the issue and I can experience a shift.      She is supportive, down to earth, positive and fun to work with.

Give yourself the gift of Suzie!  In additional to the personal sessions, I recommend the Chakra Balancing package

Thank You Suzie for making a such a tangible difference in my life”

With Gratitude

 SR, Canada

“Suzie is an amazingly intuitive and gifted healer. She has the capacity to quickly zone in on what needs to be healed at the very deepest level. After a session with Suzie, I felt totally and completely liberated, light and free. It was a life altering experience and I am starting life anew with an open heart and the ability to make my dreams come true.”

CM, Aptos, CA

“I am very GRATEFUL!

My path, my life here, has always been on finding answers… my own and others. I grew up to be a strong, independent woman. Thought by my inscure and always scared mother and my father who has never known love. They tought me exactly what I needed to be where I am. I could choose who I wanted to be. And next to strength and independence, also loving and kind. They tought me better then I could imagine and I love them both with all my heart. They have made a sacrifice in their own life to teach me, and for that I am grateful.

I am also grateful for there was a thing I couldn’t find, an answer why I was together with my boyfriend. Why I forgvave him for everything that has happened in the short period of time. I have tried everything and this was the only question hanging. And then there is a Shelley, with an idea. Some people offered help and I offered mine. Yesterday I had a free session of 30 minutes with Suzie Donahue… she is offering to everybody! And man ow man… that was AWESOME. It was awesome to find out that my boyfriend and I have been together many lives… and I was stuck to a promise to him… I would NEVER leave him. And in this life I felt going in circles and couldn’t understand why I always forgave and then stayed with him. I wasn’t scared of being alone, I have never been afraid to stop a relationship that isnt good for me or where the time together has ended. But I couldn’t get out of this one. Suzie did what she did and helped me… Cleared me from this promise and immediatly I felt flabbergasted… relieved… IT is GONE. I am still amazed and feel energetic and FREE!

So please, if you are stuck… Suzie Donahue

Lots of love and again Suzie, thank you very very much.”

A very Grateful Chantal – Austria

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