Understanding the Power of the Subconscious Mind

All things come into manifestation from the subconscious mind. It is the part of us that reaches and connects to the infinite source of all that is, that state of unlimited potential. It connects to the power of creation before that energy hits this dimension. The ability to understand and work with this energy will help all of us no matter what modality we choose to work with.

The power of the subconscious has taken command of the development of our body and has controlled every function of our physical existence from the day two cells of our parents united.  It records all of our experiences; it is the magic carpet that can take us anywhere we can imagine to go.

The subconscious has one job- that is to what it deems to be in our highest and best good. With that said, our subconscious mind is highly amenable to suggestion and it has deductive reason. There are countless ways that our subconscious mind is influenced and creating our reality today.

As children whatever we were told up until the age of 8 years old the subconscious takes on as truth. This is the first foundation of false programming that is creating undesirable outcomes in our lives. It builds upon what it has accepted as truth. As a child when you were told you would never amount to anything that may be a foundational program that the subconscious mind keeps creating.  Consequently, nothing attempted works out.  Another level of programs affecting our ability to create are on the genetic level. These are beliefs from our ancestors that are stored in our DNA today. It is possible to have programs from past lives too.

It is important to understand that to change the external conditions in your life, the mental patterns or program in the subconscious have to change. ThetaHealing® is a simple and effective method to remove false subconscious impressions from your childhood, from your ancestors, from your past lives. The results are instantaneous. We have so many programs in our DNA from our ancestors, that we are no longer creating our lives, we are simply reacting to the programs of our ancestors and the programs of our childhood.

Science has proven that your subconscious mind records all of your experiences. Because of this it is of the upmost importance to make clear impressions of your experiences. All of your memory is stored in the subconscious mind. To be able to make a clear impression on the subconscious mind, you must be in the present moment. Your recall will not be very clear if the original impressions were not very clear. Subconscious mind has the power of deduction. It can only deduce from the assumption derived from the impressions given. The less focused or less impressionable the messages sent to the subconscious mind, the more likely are the inaccurate conclusions about your life experiences the subconscious mind will play out for you. The outcome may be things you do not desire in your life. This is how programs in this part of your mind work.

Our subconscious mind is fertile soil that will grow anything directed to it. If we plant weeds we will grow more weeds. If we plant a fruit tree it will bear more of that fruit. The point where the subconscious power is controlled is the point where thoughts move into images. To be a master at creating what you want in your life, it will come down to mental images held that impress your subconscious mind. Images held in the mind are powerful. We must be careful stewards of what we allow to impress out mind. The state of our bodies and our environment are the result of the mental images we have impressed on our subconscious mind. If you want to change the external, you must change programs in the mind.

The chaotic conditions of the political and economic systems are a direct result of chaotic and disorderly images held in the minds of billions of human beings. To change the external, we each have to take on the task of tending to our own mental gardens.

We can do this by being present and clear. When we are present and clear and looking at the world with critical thinking, we take our power back to recreate our experience. The best way to be in the present now moment is to begin to listen more. Listen with every cell in the body, not just the ears. This makes us more present and able to choose our thoughts. When we hear something that does not make sense we are able to question what reality is being directed toward us and have the chance to choose that reality or reject it.

Think of how much time the average American spends watching TV, how many weeds are being planted as they numb out and allow the tell-a-vision (telling you what to envision) to usurp our power of the subconscious and direct it for those who want control. If instead, we started using focused thoughts and making clear images in our mind, tempered with critical thinking skills, the seeds planted in the fertile soil of the subconscious mind will bear fruit of renewal, vitality and abundance.

Keep in mind too, that affirmations will not work unless they are connected to mental images. Saying “I want to be of service” is not necessarily a mental image.  Statements must be reinforced by real, concrete imagery before the mighty forces of the subconscious is able to manifest into form or conditions that affect your physical experience.

Always see the desired manifestations as images. Notice the smells, the sounds and movements of your desires. Notice what you are doing in the image. Be aware of the emotions attached.

Instincts come from past memories from our ancestors that is stored in our DNA, intuitions come through the subconscious from the True Source of All That Is.

The subconscious mind is the motor and the self-consciousness is the steering wheel. Practice being conscious and be mindful of the impressions you are giving your subconscious mind. Use your mind like a camera and force yourself to see what is going on around you so the images are sharp and clear. When you do this your memory will always be perfect.

Let’s say you are having the experience of lack.  This lack is showing up because of the wrong impressions given to the subconscious mind in the past. Perhaps it was from misunderstanding a bible verse in your childhood. Instead of making the clear impression in the subconscious mind that “The love of money is the root of all evil” your impression was “Money is the root of all evil”. The original unclear impression constructed a false conclusion and then created the experience of lack. When that impression was made, perhaps you were not in the body, or not focused, or not able to be fully present at the time the information was impressed on the subconscious mind. I want to be clear that everything that exists is made from the energy of the Primal Will to Good, even money. It is a tool for making life easier. The universe is abundant in its very nature, and being comfortable is your birthright.  The beliefs around money in the subconscious mind cause the experience of lack.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to be the conscious driver of your subconscious mind. To do that we must all have our intelligence firing. If you want a life filled with peace, love, connection, acceptance and health you have to be present in your physical body. It is imperative to look at events critically. This is only possible when we get off chemicals like aspartame, in diet sodas, chemical sweeteners like Splenda, high fructose corn syrup, GMO’s, even stop buying agave and honey unless it is purchased locally. There are no laws that honey and agave have to be 100% to be labeled as such. That means the honey you just bought from a national chain may only be 10% honey or agave the rest corn syrup. It is best to find local resources for purchases. Locals tend to really care about the quality of their goods. This is because they are part of a community and take pride in their wares.

So many people on this planet that are experiencing the opposite of what they desire. We also know that the energy that it took for two cells from your mother and father that created the master piece of your physical body is also able to change that experience when worked with to remove those old programs in the subconscious mind.

Getting in touch with the exhaustless riches of limitless substance of the energy of creation involves a transformation of old beliefs and habits. When you begin to feel rich in spirit you have opened the door to a relationship with the fountain that never goes dry.  When you take a ThetaHealing course the first thing you learn is how to directly connect and communicate with the exhaustless source where all things come. The next thing you learn is how to remove those false impressions left on the subconscious mind that are creating false impressions of what you truly desire to manifest in your life. You will begin to see the wonder in the miracle of living consciousness.


Suzie Donahue is a Master ThetaHeaing Instructor and a Certificate of Science in ThetaHealing. ThetaHealingBenefits.com